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This Is Not A Ming Vase • Ceramic vase

  • €158
Huge crush for this ceramic vase, handcrafted in France by a highly talented ceramic artist. A piece that cleverly combines the ruggedness of sandstone with a nod to the delicacy of Chinese porcelain. It will be just perfect for decorating a bookshelf or as a centerpiece on your table. At Carlos-Carlos, we adore it with vibrant dried flowers! Height: 23 cm, Width: 26 cm.

Additional information

This exquisite ceramic vase was handmade by Inhee, artist-ceramist whom we are blessed to represent within our "Maison de Robes et Objets Singuliers".
Inhee's work aims to create decorative pieces - like this vase - around a minimalist aesthetic inspired by the wabi-sabi concept, which celebrates the imperfection of things. His creations are a dialogue between craftsmanship, art and nature.
All the pieces are handmade by the artist, in her France-based workshop. In chamotte sandstone, they are fired at high temperature and display an exquisite contrast, between a glaze-finish inside and a raw exterior highlighting the natural texture of the sandstone.

Chamotte sandstone
Glaze finish inside
Rough material outside, hand painted
Dimensions: height 23 cm, width 26 cm