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Jane Madras • The most mischievous shirt in Paris

  • €265
  • The (Haute!)-Couture "Pierrot la Lune" shirt
  • Collector edition, in Madras silk-taffeta
  • White serpentine piping along the collar
  • Tone-on-tone covered buttons, made in France
  • XXL double collar covering the shoulders
  • Gathered shoulders, puff sleeves
  • Registered design
  • Also available in ivory and azure poplin
  • Size
    Made in France from head to toe
    Luxury fabrics from Haute Couture houses
    Micro-editions & numbered specimen

    Additional information

    "Wide and swollen neckline,
    Sleeves dance like clouds,
    Fashion of the yéyé era,
    Like only you, Jane B., know how to wear it."

    (Scarlett B., tribute to Jane Birkin)

    Jane was due to be named Catherinette. But July 16, 2023 has arrived and, with it, the desire to pay a (modest) tribute to the one who, by her aura and sincerity, had such an unique impact on the French culture. The playfulness and charm of Jane B. -the one and only- shine through every seam of our very first shirt.

    Under our pencil, Jane becomes a modern, and deliciously 70's version of Pierrot la Lune. Its wide collar --so poetic--, is directly inspired by the dress of the famous character in the nursery rhyme who rocked so many childhoods. Its puffy sleeves, for their part, recall with delight the features of our beautiful Ziggy, and are a true invitation to play.

    Composition :
    Main material: 100% silk-taffetas

    Care instruction:
    Good news! Jane Madras can be washed at home, either by hand or using your washing machine but with some caution due to the exceptional nature of its fabric. More specifically, wash it in a laundry bag at a maximum of 30°C, on a gentle cycle, with low spin speed. For drying: lay flat and air dry (absolutely no tumble drying!). For ironing, choose the "delicate / silk" mode of your iron or (even better!) use a steamer. Any doubt? Entrust your loved one to an ecological laundry or call us for further advice!

    When to wear it?
    Great news! You can enjoy our beautiful Jane all year round.
    In the Summer and Spring, as simple (and divine) as it comes. In the Autumn and Winter, the radiance of its Madras silk-taffetas will brighten up the grayest days. Our personal advice? When it gets cooler, wear your Jane under a sleeveless jumper, with its XXL collar and puffed sleeves sticking out, or under a pinafore dress.

    How to wear it?
    For a 100% Carlos-Carlos' chic & shock look, we (strongly) recommend you to pair your beautiful Jane with our dear Carlotta gingham. Absolutely divine! If you are looking for a more "business-yet-very-unique" outfit to impression your colleagues, you may consider wearing it tucked into pleated trousers and paired with pumps. More in the mood for jeans+sneakers? We gotta! Tied at the waist, Jane will bring just the right amount of sophistication to make your seemingly casual outfit absolutely irresistible.

    Our Jane shirt has a slightly oversized cut, so you can wear it in a thousand-and-one ways (as it comes; open like a jacket; tied at the waist...). If you are between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the one below. Note that size S is suitable from sizes ranging from 34 up to a small 38 (for a more fitted fit); size M corresponds to a 38/40 and size L will be perfect for sizes 42/44.

    In pictures:
    Sinara is 1.80m tall and wears a size S for her usual 36/38.

    Measurements (in ascending order, from S to L):
    Half chest: 53cm / 56cm / 59cm
    Height: 66cm / 67cm / 67cm

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    • FREE SHIPPING For all orders above €400
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    • CLICK'N COLLECT Come and collect your order in our Parisian store