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ABBA • The high-waist belt with round buckle

  • €67
  • High-waist elastic belt
  • Deep blue ribbon, polished gold brass buckle
  • Perfect match with Ziggy or Twiggy!
  • Elastic ribbon width: 35mm
  • Entirely handmade in Paris
  • Buckle made by an ancestral Parisian house


Waist size

Additional information

Paired with your favorite Carlos-Carlos dress like high-waist pants, or to take a blazer in at the waist, the ABBA belt will be the perfect final touch to any outfit.

The ribbon of your ABBA belt is 35mm width.

The elastic ribbon making up your ABBA belt was manufactured by a Japanese textile house founded more than 50 years ago and specialized in the making of high-end ribbons and textile accessories. Thanks to the quality of their products and the seriousness of their manufacturing processes, the company supplies all the most beautiful French Haute Couture houses.

The buckle - the centerpiece of the belt! - making up your beautiful ABBA was made in France, in gilded and polished brass, by an ancestral house: Maison Poursin. Maison Poursin is the oldest Parisian factory still in activity, specializing in the creation of brass buckles and copperware. Its prestigious savoir-faire is known throughout the world. The history of this family business began in 1830. Long specialized in saddlery items and harnesses, it equipped Napoleonic pouches as well as carriages and won numerous prizes at the universal exhibitions of 1880 and 1914.

To take your waist measurement, take a tape measure and wrap it around your waist. Stand up straight and breathe normally. Place the end of the tape measure on your navel and go all the way around your waist, passing behind your back. The tape measure should be parallel to the ground and pressed firmly against your skin without sinking into it. Take the measurement on the tape, where it crosses the end with the 0. The number you see at this point is your waist measurement.

Considering ABBA has a slightly elastic ribbon, if your waist measurement is between two sizes, we suggest you to opt for the size down. Any doubt? Send us an email or give us a call, we will be delighted to help!

If you select the "tailor made" option, after confirming your purchase, please send us an email at with your waist measurement so we can make the Mona belt just perfect for you.